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What does the MyTrails License / Pro version buy me? Is this a crippled trial?

MyTrails offers a lot of unique and refined features, and most of them are available for free, without limitation.

However, I have spent countless hours developing this application, and I am asking for a modest sum for some extended features, which can be evaluated during the initial (and frequently-reset) trial period. After the trial expires, Pro features can be enabled with an in-app purchase within MyTrails or buying the MyTrails Pro Licence application.

Here is a list of Pro features.

Why is MyTrails not immediately activated to the Pro version when I install the MyTrails License

If MyTrails License has indeed been installed, but MyTrails still behaves as the Free version, you should exit MyTrails. When you run MyTrails again, it should be in Pro mode. If that doesn’t work, you can use a task killer to stop MyTrails, then run it again.

Since MyTrails 1.2.41, a notification will be displayed when the license is installed and MyTrails will preemptively verify and activate the license.

Since MyTrails 1.4.1, the Pro license information is stored on my own authorization server, and if you’re online, activation should be immediate.