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Older versions

Version 1.2.33 (12-02-23)

  • New URLs for OpenPisteMap (and better zoom)
  • Fixed crash when getting directions
  • Added MyBackup support, so that non-root users can perform backup and restore of MyTrails settings and data (install from the Preferences > About screen)
  • Fixes for reported issues

Version 1.2.32 (12-02-16)

  • Better filename validation for saved tracks
  • USGS was sometimes not added
  • Added Frogsparks account, which allows you to use map subscriptions on all your devices (you need to log in from each device)
  • Added look for > coordinates to jump to a coordinate
  • Added support for GB National and US Military grid coordinates
  • When displaying coordinates and the map is not centered on the current location, a reticule is drawn matching the coordinate display

Version 1.2.31 (12-02-12)

  • Ordnance Survey 25k and 50k map for GB! This is a premium map that requires a specific in-app purchase (Pro not required)
  • MyTopo (US/CA) is no longer available, and is replaced with USGS (US only)
  • More new maps: Cassini (FR, historical) and Sigpac (ES)
  • Flexible WMS support: thousands of supported map providers
  • Test version of IGN top25 and top50 map for France. Also a premium map, not yet available for purchase
  • Fixes for reported issues

Version 1.2.30 (12-02-03)

  • Fixes for reported issues

Version 1.2.29 (12-01-30)

  • Enabled 2-step overzoom (previously only 1-step)
  • Start an offline map download by long-pressing the main map to select one edge of the area and drag to the opposite edge
  • The scale is updated when the latitude changes (since it’s latitude-dependant) and is not displayed at all when zooming out
  • Major performance improvements (especially on tablets): improved tile loading speed, memory management and caching (the cache will be reset on first run)
  • Added Portuguese translation (thanks Jose!)

Version 1.2.28 (12-01-16)

  • Improved tile loading speed (by as much as x6 on some configurations)
  • Much improved UI to select the area for offline download (including ability to enter coordinates in DMS or UTM format)
  • Added update checking for non-Market users
  • Added option to display the GPS coordinates on the map (Pro only)
  • Fixes for reported issues

Version 1.2.27 (12-01-05)

  • GPSies: fixed the public flag being inverted
  • Fixed Google Terrain maps and added auto-detection
  • Fixed an issue with getting directions in some countries
  • Started using BugSense
  • Updated French translation

Version 1.2.26 (11-12-13)

  • Deferred network usage: uploading a track to an online community and normalizing a track’s altitude can be queued and executed later
  • Added an option to not upload automatically detected pauses to GPSies (to reduce clutter)
  • Added a visual timer for sticky GPS
  • Improved the offline tile download process to better handle slow tile providers
  • Detect incorrectly set saved tracks location
  • Fixes for layout issues on HD screens and xhdpi densities
  • Added an option to keep the screen on full brightness

Version 1.2.25 (11-11-30)

  • When switching maps by swiping, the map name is briefly displayed
  • Fixed crashes on quit that were introduced in the last version
  • Improved the layout of the large buttons

Version 1.2.24 (11-11-23)

  • Added the ability to create waypoints with default values (will use the same values as previously created waypoints for track and color)
  • Improved quitting the application: double-tap back to shut down the tracker
  • Added a preference to quadruple the size of the zoom buttons, for bikers

Version 1.2.23 (11-11-10)

  • Improved offline map downloader to support a daily limit for providers that send placeholder tiles in cases of abuse
  • Fixed an issue where offline downloads would stop and need to be restarted in cases of errors with multi-layer maps
  • Fixes for reported issues

Version 1.2.21 (11-10-21) and 1.2.22 (11-10-24)

  • Multi-layer maps: Google, Yahoo and Eniro hybrid maps are now supported
  • Added a new OSM-based (3-layer hybrid!) map: WanderReitKarte
  • Tweaks for Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Added maps (2 layers)
  • Fixes for reported issues

Version 1.2.20 (11-10-18)

  • Added new map source for the UK: OS Opendata. This is a premium map, for which a subscription is required. Not OS 25k and 50k yet…
  • Added progress bar to file uploads (My Trails, GPSies, Dropbox)

Version 1.2.19 (11-10-14)

  • German translation updated (thanks Ansgar!)
  • Fixed Yahoo maps, but Yahoo hybrid now use layers, so they no longer work (until MyTrails supports layers)
  • Fixes for reported issues

Version 1.2.18 (11-09-22)

  • Optimized drawing: zooming and panning should be even smoother now
  • Fixed normalizing altitude of tracks that didn’t have altitude data

Version 1.2.17 (11-09-15)

  • Added altitude normalization (Pro) in the track manager (for saved tracks): uses an online service to correct altitude for GPS tracks
  • Improved offline map generation: the map can now be used even before the download is complete, and a new download session can be added to an existing offline map
  • Improved pinch-zooming
  • Improved GPX saving and loading: MyTrails-specific data (waypoint color, etc.) is retained

Version 1.2.16 (11-09-09)

  • First Honeycomb-optimized version (not all dialogs are optimized yet)
  • Version info is no longer shown on each startup
  • Fixed an issue introduced in .15 where exported GPX were incorrect if they included waypoints

Version 1.2.15 (11-09-07)

  • Google Earth maps should now automatically use the latest data
  • Removed Cyklolatlas maps, as they are now protected by a dynamic authorization scheme
  • Added look for > waypoint to easily center a waypoint
  • Added option in waypoint context menu to download offline map around the waypoint
  • Removed offline help file for a lighter install (online help is still available)
  • Fixes for Honeycomb tablets: better memory allocation, fixed issue with tracks sometimes not displayed

Versions 1.2.9 to 1.2.14 (11-08-11 to 11-08-24)

  • Pause detection: stops recording the track when the device is stationary, until it leaves the area
  • MyTrails now reports the time spent recording the track (excludes time when GPS is off) and pause time (tap the scale to display)
  • Removed OS maps (UK) following a request by the rights holders
  • Added preference shortcut to minimize power drain
  • Moved zoom indication to zoom buttons and changed zoom icons
  • Added preference to prevent MyTrails from keeping the screen on
  • Fixed importing GPX from attachments
  • Reworked map manager so that future map updates are less intrusive (only updated maps are changed)
  • Fixed Yandex and maps
  • Fixes for reported issues

Version 1.2.8 (11-07-25)

  • Added option to disable compass after a few seconds when not using compass orientation (useful for long trips with screen on)
  • HUD is refreshed when coming to a stop
  • Added option to draw a line to the next waypoint (must be manually selected)
  • Added higher-visibility mode (replaces larger scale option)
  • Upgraded issue reporting system to ACRA 4
  • Track uploads to are now gzipped to save bandwidth
  • Improved offline downloader to be more error-tolerant (and keep the screen on to speed download)
  • Fixed touch-related crashes on Honeycomb
  • Fixes for reported issues

Versions 1.2.6 and 1.2.7 (11-07-05)

  • Dropbox upload and download of tracks
  • Fixed MyTopo in such a way that upcoming changes on the MyTopo server will be detected automatically
  • Added an option for higher friction when the map is flung, consistent with Google Maps
  • Compass now works even when the phone is not horizontal
  • The HUD is no longer pixelated on small screens (320×240)
  • Fixed offline download feedback and notifications
  • Added Dutch (thanks Maurits!)
  • Fixes for reported issues

Versions 1.2.5 (11-06-14)

  • Fixes for reported issues

Versions 1.2.4 (11-06-09)

  • Track sharing communities: added GPSies
  • Moved contact lookup into a separate application so that MyTrails no longer relies on READ_CONTACTS permission
  • Fixed offline map generator downloading too many tiles
  • Added preferences to reduce the memory usage of tracks for long trips
  • Added ability to select how saved tracks are named
  • Added map provider: OpenHikingMap
  • Improved several screens in landscape
  • Fixed proximity notifications for very slow speeds (walking)
  • Fixes for reported issues

Versions 1.2.3 (11-05-26)

  • Track sharing communities: upload to, search and download tracks from (more to come)
  • Fixed GPS tracking not starting in certain cases
  • Added ability to open GPX attachments in emails and GPX files from file browsers
  • Clarified pause/continue recording and added a dedicated Start new recording option
  • Fixed Yandex Map and Satellite, Google Satellite
  • Fixes for reported issues

Versions 1.2.2 (11-05-16)

  • Fix for scale display on small screens
  • Fixed saved GPX when waypoint names or descriptions include invalid XML
  • Fixed waypoints appearing after the corresponding track is deleted
  • Many FC fixes, sorry for the trouble

Versions 1.2 and 1.2.1 (11-05-11)

  • Waypoints: add, edit, read from GPX, write to GPX; Waypoints can belong to a track or not, and they be of different colors
  • Directions: create a track providing directions between two locations
  • Proximity warnings: vibrate, ring and/or speak the name of the upcoming waypoint (Pro only)
  • Improved memory management
  • Changed sticky GPS delay to 15s rather than 5s
  • If the screen is dimmed, MyTrails ignores the first tap
  • Reorganized main menu to better separate current recording from other tracks
  • When traveling at speed > 10km/h, the GPS dot is replaced with an arrow indicating direction of travel
  • Option to use GPS direction of travel for orientation instead of compass
  • Magnetic declination correction

Versions 1.1.4 (11-04-15)

  • Search no longer crashes on pre-FroYo devices

Versions 1.1.3 (11-04-13)

  • Fixes for reported issues

Versions 1.1.2 (11-04-08)

  • Search improvements: works on all devices, added ability to search for contacts, added search history
  • Edit name and description of loaded tracks
  • Offline map creation: better feedback during download
  • Fixes for reported issues

Versions 1.1.0 and 1.1.1 (11-03-30)

  • Map manager
    • faster and more robust
    • added ability to reorder maps and hide maps from the map selection dialog
    • added many more maps (including Google maps)
  • Offline map creation in the Map Manager (limited to 100 tiles in the Free version)
  • HUD and permanent legend (Pro only)
  • Three-finger swipe to switch map and display HUD
  • Option to return to GPS after a few seconds following a drag
  • Option to not display track duration
  • Option to display tracks with a wider highlight
  • Extended track info in Track Manager
  • Option to change the storage location for tracks and offline maps
  • Fixed Cyklolatlas, DoCeLu, MyTopo
  • Added the ability to provide a Referer header for online maps

Version 1.0.2 (11-03-15)

  • Added Hungarian (thanks Péter)
  • Fixed reported issues

Version 1.0.1 (11-02-22)

  • Added multi-touch gestures to Eclair (Android 2.1)
  • Fixed reported issues

Version 1.0.0 (11-02-15)

  • Track manager (thank you Joachim for your dedication to helping me fine-tune this feature)
    • import and organize loaded GPX tracks
    • display multiple tracks simultaneously
    • background track loading
    • select color for each track
    • zoom to all tracks
    • show tracks around current location
  • Moved track caches to the standard Android cache location
  • More readable legend
  • New option for a larger scale display
  • Improved file picker for landscape mode
  • Improved icons
  • Fixed an issue where the tracker might start recording even if MyTrails was not set to record the track, if restarted automatically by Android
  • Fixed pinch-zooming with Yandex maps
  • Added German (thanks Stefan) and Spanish (thanks Lázaro) translations

Version 0.9.8 (11-02-07)

  • Fixed an issue with pinch zooming if the map is also tapped at the same time
  • Fixes for reported issues

Version 0.9.7 (11-02-04)

  • Added a Quit menu for users unused to Android’s ways
  • Added support for GPX routes in addition to tracks
  • Improvements in the way the state of the GPS is reported and used by MyTrails, in particular a warning is displayed at launch if the GPS is disabled
  • Fixed blank or black tiles in overzoom with some providers

Version 0.9.6 (11-01-20)

  • Double-tap and pinch zooming improvements
  • Added new track colorization: slope
  • Enhanced the colorization parameters and made the track stand out more
  • Reduced tile edge artifacts when using overzoom and Show entire track when the track is empty (thanks Axesider)
  • Added several translations: Chinese traditional (Scribe), Czech (Radek), French (Thierry), Macedonian (Hristijan), Polish (Axesider). Thank you all very much!
  • Fixes for reported issues

Version 0.9.5 (11-01-11)

  • Fixes for threading issues

Version 0.9.4 (11-01-10)

  • Easier way to change track colorization (in Track menu) and select a map (thanks Chris)
  • Colorization legend (in Track menu)
  • Added filtering to the rate of ascent and speed track colorizations
  • The notification is only shown when MyTrails is tracking
  • First translation: Finnish (thanks Patrik)
  • Fixes for reported issues

Version 0.9.3 (10-12-21)

  • Fixed scrambled display on screen rotate
  • Updated ACRA to 3.1RC1
  • Fixes for reported issues

Version 0.9.2 (10-12-16)

  • Fixed jumping to Antarctica following pinch-zooming if a finger was lifted first
  • Fixes for reported issues

Version 0.9.1 (10-12-13)

  • Fixes for reported issues

Version 0.9 (10-12-09)

  • The track can be colorized to indicate speed, rate of ascent, GPS accuracy, altitude
  • Added the ability to load GPX tracks and to stop tracking (thanks Joachim)
  • Smoother zooming
  • Reorganized preferences, updated main menu
  • Improved GPX saving to include altitude and accuracy

Version 0.8.9 (10-12-02)

  • Added option to display the current zoom level
  • Fixed compass needle when following compass (thanks again scribetw)
  • Fixed AQM loading (slightly different format, thanks Michael)
  • Fixed reported issues

Version 0.8.8 (10-12-01)

  • Pinch to zoom and zoom animations (Android 2.2 and later)
  • Faster startup thanks to a reorganized tile cache
  • Fixes for reported issues

Version 0.8.6 (10-11-25)

  • Added error reporting and log collection for improved issue tracking. Big thanks to the following amazing projects:
  • Tiles are now loaded in a more logical order
  • When zooming in or out, while the new tiles load, the already loaded tiles from adjacent levels are used
  • The map can now be zoomed one step past the maximum zoom level (overzoom)
  • Added OPNV map provider, reset the Map Manager to use it (thanks Michael)
  • Added support for non-square MGM packs (thanks scribetw)

Version 0.8.5 (10-11-18)

  • Local maps (MGM, AQM) can be configured with a fallback, which will be used to load tiles that are not available locally. Usually, the fallback will be an online map
  • Fixed an issue with local maps where tiles would be loaded from the wrong pack if multiple packs were available (big thank you to Trevor Marshall)
  • Fixed a few other issues that were reported

Version 0.8.1-0.8.3 (10-11-10)

  • fixed FC issues with the 0.8 release

Version 0.8 (10-11-08)

  • many more map providers (Yandex, MyTopo/USGS, OutdoorActive, Nokia, etc.)
  • ability to test online maps within the Map Manager
  • fixed FC when scrolling across the dateline
  • kinetic scrolling now works while using the compass
  • many under-the-hood changes

Version 0.7 (10-10-13)

  • Initial version