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  • Correction du partage lorsque les traces sont dans certains dossiers
  • Notifications et icone adaptative pour Android Oreo
  • Calcul plus intelligent de la vitesse au-delà de laquelle une position GPS est ignorée
  • Remplacement de Google+ par le nouveau forum MyTrails
  • Correction de la carte IGN

Les cartes IGN sont temporairement inaccessibles

En raison d’un problème de configuration côté IGN, les cartes IGN (Top25/100, cadastre), ont été inaccessibles depuis MyTrails entre le jeudi 28 février le 3 mars 2019.

Une version de correction (2.1.5) a été publiée pour corriger le problème.

Je vous prie d’accepter mes excuses pour ce dysfonctionnement.

Mise à jour du 4 mars indiquant la correction.

Why do directions, search and nearby POI search no longer work?

Google some time ago switched all maps-related APIs from free to paid, which requires changes in apps that use those APIs. Because MyTrails can aggregate several similar services, I didn’t immediately realize that some functionality MyTrails relies on was no longer available.

I will be releasing an update that restores directions, POI search and location search functionality. For Pro users, I will test whether MyTrails can keep using the paid Google APIs, but for free users, MyTrails will likely have to switch to free services, such as OSM, and I may have to restrict directions.

You can restore some of the search functionality in MyTrails 2.1.4 by enabling the OpenStreetMap search provider in MyTrails > Preferences > Other.

MyTrails SMS is no longer available in Play Store

Due to a Play Store policy change, MyTrails SMS is no longer available on the Play Store. MyTrails can still send out your location as an SMS (because this uses your standard SMS app to do so), but it can no longer receive SMS directly.

In a later update, MyTrails will change the format of sent SMS so that they can be more easily clicked to restore some of the functionality.

You can install the latest version of MyTrails SMS by downloading it here.


  • Correction de l’ouverture de liens
  • Avertissement en essayant d’enregistrer si MyTrails n’est pas exclu de l’optimisation de la
  • Utiliser le GPS amélioré de Google lorsque disponible (désactiver dans Préférences > Capteurs)
  • Correction d’OPNVKarte, Statkart, IGM, CalTopo, Google Earth et Terrain

FrogSparks licensing server blocked by Russian government

According to this site, is among many sites being blocked by the Russian government (technically, the IP address the host resolves to is part of a large block « B-class » of IPs blocked wholesale by Russia – the block is not targeted at MyTrails specifically). This means that for users in Russia, MyTrails Pro can no longer verify its licensing status, and will revert to Free mode even if you have paid.

If you are affected by this, you can use a VPN to allow MyTrails to get around the block. The licensing status must be verified at least once every two months.

MyTrails 2.1.4b2 contains a workaround for this.

IGM map (Italy)

A change on the Minambiente site broke this map for MyTrails. Fortunately, a simple edit fixes it: MyTrails > Maps > tap on the IGM 25k (IT) line and in the map details editor, change the version from 1.1.1 to 1.3.0, then use the back button to save the change.

This will be available by default in the next beta release of MyTrails.


The URL for this map changed recently, breaking it for MyTrails. You can fix it by downloading the new beta or changing the URL for the map to{2}/{0}/{1}.png.


  • Augmentation de la taille des icones d’enregistrement
  • Remplacement de la carte IDEE par IGN pour l’Espagne
  • Correction de 4UMaps
  • L’envoi de logs d’erreur est désactivé par défaut pour respecter la directive GDPR
  • Correction de la normalisation d’altitude