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Dropbox support

Following an update of the Dropbox API, some features are currently unavailable. In particular, connecting a new device to Dropbox doesn’t work.

I hope to release a new version shortly to resolve.

Offline maps and GPX save location with Android 11

As Google continues to make it harder for applications to share data, you may have to move your offline maps and GPX save location to a MyTrails-specific folder rather than the traditional /sdcard/MyTrails.

Several users have reported that using a folder like android/media/com.frogsparks.mytrails (inside the main device storage, presumably also on a removable storage) works.

If you’re not using offline maps (only GPX saved tracks), you can probably stick with your usual save location, but you need to switch to the standard Android file picker (disable Use internal file picker in MyTrails > Preferences > Other).

For more general info, see this older post.


  • Correction de création de cartes hors-lignes payantes à calques (VTTrack sur IGN)
  • Partage de cartes à base d’URL (dans l’écran d’édition)
  • Support d’Android 10
  • Correction de la recherche Google, itinéraire et altitude

Les cartes IGN sont-elles devenues gratuites ?

Depuis le 1er janvier 2021, IGN a rendu gratuites la majorité de ses donnés, c’est une excellente nouvelle.

En revanche, le communiqué précise bien que les cartes et scans ne sont pas concernés par la gratuité. Le prix des licences IGN dans MyTrails reste pour le moment inchangé.

Les données incluant des droits de tiers ou protégées par le droit d’auteur (cartes et SCANs) ne sont pas concernées par cette ouverture

Communiqué IGN du 11 décembre

MyTrails displays extra lines on my recorded tracks

Extra lines

On some devices, MyTrails draws recorded tracks with lines leading back to the start of the recording. This is only a display issue, and the lines change when you zoom in or out.

For the moment, to fix this, use the toggle track mode hidden option to select the Lines mode.

If this doesn’t fix the problem, you can use the same hidden option to get back to Smooth triangles, and check that the problem is not with the recording itself. offline

The servers are currently online offline.

This has happened in the past, and the server eventually came back, but there is no certainty it will be the case this time.

This server has alternated between online and offline in past weeks, and is increasingly unreliable.

Kompass map

At the moment the Kompass map is no longer working. I will attempt to find a way to get it to work again, but it’s entirely possible that won’t be successful.

As with all free maps, I can’t make any guarantees that a given map will remain available, as the map owners may stop providing it or start protecting it effectively.

GPSies is no longer usable with MyTrails

The owner of GPSies sold their web site to AllTrails, which subsequently closed the APIs that MyTrails was using to upload and download tracks. I will remove the integration in a later version of MyTrails, but for now MyTrails will just display an error when you try to use GPSies.

I’m assured that is still operational and has no plans to shut down or sell out. Feel free to use it for all your track sharing needs (uploading and downloading).

(note that despite the fact that My Trails the web site and MyTrails the app share a name and a good working relationship, they are operated independently – if you need support for the app, use; if you need support for the site, use

OSM-based maps fixed in MyTrails 2.1.10

OpenStreetMaps recently changed their server infrastructure to better handle the load. This had the side-affect of breaking all OSM-based maps in MyTrails because they now require a specific per-app User-Agent HTTP header.

Unfortunately MyTrails didn’t support directly editing the HTTP header so fixing the maps required updating the app.

The maps should be updated when you launch MyTrails after the update, unless you already changed an affected map, in which case MyTrails will create a fixed copy at the end of the list.