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IGM map (Italy)

A change on the Minambiente site broke this map for MyTrails. Fortunately, a simple edit fixes it: MyTrails > Maps > tap on the IGM 25k (IT) line and in the map details editor, change the version from 1.1.1 to 1.3.0, then use the back button to save the change.

This will be available by default in the next beta release of MyTrails.

Update June 2019: the former IGM site disappeared entirely and I can’t find another source of high quality topo maps. I was able to find a server that offers black and white maps, but they’re broken down by region, so I can’t include them as-is in MyTrails. Please join the forum to join the effort to replace this map!

Goodbye Wallet, hello PayPal

Google is retiring Wallet for digital purchases on March 1st, so for map purchases on my site, I am migrating to PayPal.

You can pay with your PayPal balance or a credit card, and the prices are the same as with Wallet.

Until Wallet is actually shut down, you will be able to use either payment solution.