Monthly Archives: January 2013


  • Minor fix for GB Grid Reference formatting
  • Restored the track arrows (they were broken in a previous update)
  • Made tracks more visible on extra high-density devices
  • Fixed difficulty in selecting offline download area in some cases

Ordnance Survey maps update

After a week of intense calculations (8 CPU cores going full blast) and a week of uploading the maps to our servers, the new Ordnance Survey maps (November 2012 release) is available through MyTrails.

In addition to the usual data updates (new paths, roads, etc.) that a new Ordnance Survey release brings, this new drop features improved resolution. Previous versions were scanned/processed by OS at around 300dpi and delivered as a set of 3+1 (25k/50k) compressed DVDs; this new version is processed at 660dpi and delivered as a set of 7+2 compressed DVDs.

The improvement is slight but noticeable, especially on high-resolution displays or when using “overzoom” in MyTrails.

Here are two examples; the top half of the screen uses the old tiles and the bottom part uses the new ones. In particular text is more readable and lines are a lot better defined.

If you’re using online maps, you can clear your cache to cause MyTrails to reload the new tiles as needed: go into Preferences > Map Manager and long tap the Ordnance Survey map, then select Delete cache for map.

If you’re using offline maps, you will have to re-download the maps to take advantage of the new tiles. You don’t need to delete the existing map, as downloading the same area multiple tiles does not consume any credits (one of the benefit of our flexible subscriptions is that you can always get the freshest data and the areas you want, you’re not tied to a given release or area).

Let us know if you find anything amiss.


  • Added Toporama map (CA)
  • Better feedback during map purchase, more safeguards during FrogSparks account creation
  • Fixes for reported errors
  • Fixed saving traces to the root of the Dropbox account

This version was released in a bit of a rush due to an issue with Google’s now publisher console, I apologize in advance for any bugs.

Krzysztof Dancewicz on Play Store

By far the best map and trail app available I would go so far as saying one of the best Android apps available! Attention to detail, functionality and customisation are phenomenal. Great work, I can’t wait to see how this develops and all for such a low price, there are plenty of other apps not even in the same league as this asking for alot more!