Offline topo maps

recording_track_smallWith MyTrails on your Android phone or tablet, take your topo maps with you on all your outings


Easily download maps for your hike or ride to your phone so you can have fun off the grid. Most maps can be downloaded offline for free, and even commercial maps offer flexible subscriptions for offline usage.

Topo maps

We offer several premium high-quality topographic maps:

  • Great Britain: OS (Ordnance SurveyOpendata
  • France: IGN (Institut Géographique National) Top25, Top100, Cadastre, Orthophoto – based on Geoportail data
  • Spain and Portugal: Tour & Trail

And a very large collection of free maps (OpenStreetMap, Google, Yahoo, Bing…)

Main features

  • uncluttered full-screen map, oriented with your phone’s compass
  • track and record your GPS location
  • the smoothest and most tactile topo map navigation
  • display many colorized tracks and waypoints
  • share your tracks or let us guide you

More details…

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