Monthly Archives: June 2012


Apologies for releasing an update so soon after 1.2.41; this release fixes an issue when MyTrails adds tiles to an existing offline map, so I wanted to release it as soon as possible.

  • Fixed corrupted tiles in some offline map downloads when downloading to an existing map


  • Added an option to draw the map at a screen resolution-independent size (very high density displays like Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy III made the map hard to read)
  • Added the ability to display the map larger while staying on the same zoom level (long-tap the zoom buttons)
  • Improved offline download: interrupted downloads can be easily restarted, better feedback
  • Fixed creating offline Yandex maps
  • Added TopOSM map (US)
  • Added ability to use GB grid references with 4, 6, 8 or 10 digits


A quick fix to address two issues I was finally able to reproduce when I received my new Galaxy S III.

  • Fixed missing map selection menu on some ICS phones
  • Fixed occasional issue where tiles would no longer load