MyTrails Pro

The free version is functional, doesn’t expire and contains no advertisement. And it’s how most users like it. Whether to support continued development of MyTrails, or to benefit from extended features, you can purchase the Pro version for a nominal fee (currently €2).

To upgrade to MyTrails Pro, please purchase the license here.

MyTrails free MyTrails Pro
Track display Current recording + one track Unlimited
Create offline maps 100 tiles at a time (unlimited for purchased maps within the constraints of your subscription) Unlimited for any map (except area constraints for purchased maps)
HUD Track duration and distance below the scale Very legible HUD, configurable from 3 to 5 dials, out of a selection of over 40
Graphs A small selection of the more commonly-used graphs, such as altitude vs. time Freely select the parameters of your graphs, with over 30 combinations
Stats A fixed list of dials, with 16 commonly-used indicators Select all the dials you want, from a list of over 40 and reorder them as you see fit
Proximity notifications Vibrate, ring, speak when nearing a waypoint
Pause detection Waypoints are inserted automatically when you stop moving
Pressure, temperature, altimeter Record your altitude with higher accuracy based on your device’s pressure sensor, with optional auto-calibration
Share your recordings Email Upload your tracks to Dropbox, My Trails, GPSies
Download tracks Email and web sites Download from Dropbox, My Trails, GPSies, UtagawaVTT and
Screen lock Automatic after a few seconds to protect from unintended touches and water projections
Price 0€ €2 (in-app purchase or on our web site)

MyTrails Pro does not in itself provide access to paid maps, these require separate subscriptions.

Free maps can be used with the Free et Pro versions, and are never guaranteed: their hosts may take them offline or paid at any time and without warning to myself or MyTrails users.