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Review by Andre Oid


A lot of online and offline maps to choose from. Very easy to create offline maps, also the more difficult ones like wms and quad tile. Can handle enormous amounts of tracks an way points, even more then your pc!. You can preload all your libraries with gpx trails offline so you never miss the best ones when you are out. Outstanding support.

Krzysztof Dancewicz on Play Store

By far the best map and trail app available I would go so far as saying one of the best Android apps available! Attention to detail, functionality and customisation are phenomenal. Great work, I can’t wait to see how this develops and all for such a low price, there are plenty of other apps not even in the same league as this asking for alot more!

Aleksandr on Play Store

I like [competitor]. I used to use pro version a lot, but it’s getting more and more complicated. As more futures added it’s getting slower. At some point I switched to MyTrails. I think mytrails is a sample how app supposed to behave. Fast, responsible, easy to use, without complicated futures that I don’t need.

Jas on Play Store

Amazing Map App (especially for Offline Maps) Does everything it advertises and more. However, the developer is not clear enough in his description. You can create offline maps from SCRATCH with this app. It is the easiest process ever. No need for a PC or other software like all other apps out there. Simply select the map provider you want, create boundaries and click download. Voila. This app should be at least twice as expensive for what it offers. A steal for the current price.

Pam on Play Store

Excellent Have used this app exclusively as a way of finding my way around footpaths. Easier to use than walking guidebooks which I can never make sense of. Always take a spare battery with me though. Just subscribed to os maps, looking forward to trying it out.

Bob on Play Store

Great app! PRO version works great for downloading large offline maps, which is exactly what I needed. Would like the option to disable GPS – my tablet doesn’t have GPS and I don’t care for the prompts and background process. Other than that it’s fantastic and I’ve been impressed by the level of support. Error log submitted, problem diagnosed and fixed via BETA APK within 1 day. Very refreshing compared to some DEVs.