Topo maps

One of MyTrails' goals is to offer affordable high-quality commercial topographic maps. We are partnering with national mapping agencies and other providers to sell these premium maps through MyTrails, using in-app purchases, for a pure mobile experience.

Premium maps are independent of the MyTrails Pro license: you can use them whether you have a Pro subscription or not. Conversely, having a Pro license does not entitle you to any premium maps.

Most premium maps can be tested for free, so you can decide whether the map suits your needs based on real-world usage. The trial starts the first time you select the map in MyTrails. A message then will inform you the end date of the trial. In most cases, the trial duration is one week.

On-line vs. off-line

Some map providers allow offline download of their maps as part of the subscription price, while others require a separate offline subscription if you wish to download the maps for offline use.

Exclusive feature: For providers that require a separate offline subscription, the offline subscription pricing depends on the area that may be downloaded offline (in km²). In most cases, offline subscriptions are flexible: you can download an area offline, and when you no longer need it, delete it to get the credit back to download a different area.

Maps downloaded offline expire with your offline subscription, and you will need to renew your offline subscription to get the map displaying offline again.

If you only plan to use your maps offline, an online subscription is not required. However, you will only be able to see the parts of the map you have downloaded offline, so you will need more forethought.

The manual contains a section on how to create offline maps, which is useful for any map. Please also see the step-by-step guide to buy and download premium maps.