Mobile data considerations

MyTrails can operate both on-line and off-line. Like most connected applications, it will take advantage of your data connection when one is present, and provide the best possible service when not.

If you are travelling abroad, please use caution when using any application on your device, and in particular MyTrails, since map data can be especially hefty.

The safest policy when travelling abroad is to turn off mobile data entirely on your device, in Android’s settings. This will avoid any source of bill-shock from applications using data in the foreground or the background. Some of MyTrails’ features will no longer work (you will not be able to view maps that are not cached or downloaded to offline maps, you will not be able to normalize tracks and post or download them to track-sharing communities, get directions, etc.), but MyTrails deals with this gracefully (including the ability to defer track activities).

If you do keep your mobile data on, please be aware that even if you’re using MyTrails with an offline map, a small amount of data usage may occur: checking for updates, license verification, helping the GPS get a faster fix, the occasional geocoding request, as well as the more obvious cases above. Also be mindful that if you have configured your offline map to have a fallback, tiles that are missing from the offline map will be downloaded over your mobile connection.