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  • Correction de l’ouverture de liens
  • Avertissement en essayant d’enregistrer si MyTrails n’est pas exclu de l’optimisation de la
  • Utiliser le GPS amélioré de Google lorsque disponible (désactiver dans Préférences > Capteurs)
  • Correction d’OPNVKarte, Statkart, IGM, CalTopo, Google Earth et Terrain

FrogSparks licensing server blocked by Russian government

According to this site, is among many sites being blocked by the Russian government (technically, the IP address the host resolves to is part of a large block « B-class » of IPs blocked wholesale by Russia – the block is not targeted at MyTrails specifically). This means that for users in Russia, MyTrails Pro can no longer verify its licensing status, and will revert to Free mode even if you have paid.

If you are affected by this, you can use a VPN to allow MyTrails to get around the block. The licensing status must be verified at least once every two months.

MyTrails 2.1.4b2 contains a workaround for this.