maps.frogsparks.com is not accessible at the moment due to an outage at my hosting company. They’re offering no ETA but they’re usually quick.

The hosting company resolved the issue (a malfunctioning router) and the server is back. Thank you for your patience!

Update: a different issue is now affecting access to maps.frogsparks.com (and to this server as well), but there is not much I can do to speed up resolution of this one: I recently changed registrars for my domain, and the registrar I left stopped serving my DNS before the DNS TTL expired, so some DNS servers still have old information in their cache. This should resolve itself within a few hours. Im very sorry about this further outage.

One way you can resolve it for yourself is to start using a global DNS such as OpenDNS, which has already updated their cache.

Update 2: when it rains, it pours: I have just worked around an issue on the IGN (France) map server, which caused MyTrails to display checkered tiles instead of the map.

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