MyTrails Pro free with App of the Day

App of the Day

Tomorrow (March 11th) MyTrails will be featured in the App of the Day promo, so installing MyTrails with the App of the Day application will activate the Pro version for free for one year.

This will work only for new users, so what about faithful existing users, or users in countries that App of the Day does not cover (such as France)? You can use the following trick:

Use the simulate referrer appturbo hidden option to activate the promo (make sure to enter that string exactly: no extra spaces, no capitalization, etc.)

You have to do this before the promo ends (late on March 14th).

Update: due to an unforeseen server error, many users were unable to get MyTrails to validate the promo automatically. Here is a step-by-step video to help you activate the promo manually. My sincere apologies for the trouble!

Another update: due to the load, my email provider is no longer accepting activation emails I am trying to send when a new FrogSparks account is created. You can still associate MyTrails with your Google account, but now create a FrogSparks account. Please try again in a day or so.

Resolution: I have updated MyTrails in the Play Store to automatically retry to activate the promotion when it is restarted, please update and try again. I have also extended the promo until the 14th to give everyone a chance to recover. Thank you for your patience.

You can also read a detailed explanation of what happened.

Update 15 March: I have extended the activation period to March 25; if you recently tried to activate and were refused, please try again.

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