What next?

I’ve spent a lot of time lately on adding new premium map providers to MyTrails. This has taken far longer than I had anticipated: building a server infrastructure to host the maps, processing some of the maps myself, and especially handling the complex logic of in-app purchases.

But now it’s done, and I’d like to get back to adding features that are useful for all users.

The high-level plan I’ve had for a while is documented in the roadmap, but rather than charging ahead with geo-referencing, I wanted to let you help shape MyTrails by picking the next major feature (I always sprinkle smaller features in each point-release).

[poll id=”2″]

Please share this poll widely, and if you have other suggestions (for major or minor features), let me know in the comments or on GetSatisfaction.

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6 thoughts on “What next?

  1. dali

    great work, great app. keep it up.
    but i was hoping one of the poll options would be fixing the offline google hybrid maps issue (where you can either see the satellite images or the road maps, but not both)
    this is the best geo-app supporting offline maps, and offline google hybrid would make it perfect.
    thank you 🙂

    1. frogsparks Post author

      Have you checked recently? I just downloaded a Google Hybrid map offline, and it was correct. Could you send me email directly or open an issue on GetSatisfaction so we can investigate further?

      1. dali

        hi again.
        i didnt mean downloading maps directly on the phone. that works fine. (except that it stopped downloading after a 1000 tiles or so for clear reason)
        i meant downloading them on the computer using gMapMaker and then adding them to MyTrails through the “add offline map (MGM)” option. the satellite images and transparent road maps are saved in separate folders and meant to be displayed overlayed. but when adding the map in MyTrails i have to chose one or the other.
        i already found a 7 months old topic on the support forum about this issue, but it hasent been addressed so far.
        (sorry it took so long to reply)

        1. frogsparks Post author

          I understand now… This is not supported in MyTrails (multi-layer MGM offline maps). Sorry…

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