How do I send the execution log?

When you encounter an issue with MyTrails and ask for assistance (preferably in Google+, but possibly via email), we may ask you to send the execution log for MyTrails.

Before attempting to submit a log, please enable error reports in MyTrails > Preferences > About, since all logging is disabled unless you do that.

First, make sure you replicate the issue before sending the log, or it will not contain useful information. Also, because Android overwrites information in the log fairly quickly, make sure you send the log rapidly after having replicated the problem.

Sending the log is easy, just go into MyTrails Preferences About and tap Send usage log. This will submit the log in the background and create an email message so we can correlate the log we receive to the discussion about the issue. Feel free to add information to the email, then send it.

2013-07-16 09.57.25.png 2013-07-16 16-12-55

Please take a look at our privacy policy before you send a log, as it does potentially include personal information.

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