MyTrails 2: Navigation drawer or drop-down navigation?

I’ve been experimenting with the navigation drawer that many apps are implementing, and I wanted to get some feedback.

Which do you prefer:

Drop-down navigation Navigation drawer
Drop-down navigation Navigation drawer

Pros and cons:

  • the drawer allows me to add more than just navigation: help icons, etc.
  • the drawer animation doesn’t work over OpenGL views, so I’ll have to disable the animations; it’ll be a bit abrupt
  • the drop-down navigation is more discoverable to users who haven’t been exposed to the drawer much (or who have only used it with swipe gestures)

Please use the comments to voice your opinion and suggestions.

Update: I’ve released an update to the alpha/preview with the new navigation, and the ability to toggle between the drop-down and nav-drawer style): use the toggle nav mode hidden option to alternate between the two. I’ve also added icons (5 icons are as much work to me as some features…).

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