Why does MyTrails require permission X?

MyTrails requires the following permissions:

  • Fine GPS Location: this should be obvious 🙂
  • Full Internet Access: to be able to download online maps
  • Modify/Delete SD Card Contents: to store the map cache and recorded tracks
  • Prevent Device From Sleeping: to keep the screen on while the map is displayed, and to keep the device running when creating an offline map
  • Access Network State: to (optionally) pause the offline map creation if WiFi is disconnected
  • Read logs: to send error reports (you can disable attaching logs in the preferences)
  • Receive Boot Completed: to allow MyTrails opportunity to resume recording the track after an anomalous reboot (can be disabled in the preferences)
  • Access Wifi State: to allow MyTrails to resume an offline download when the device reconnects to Wifi

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